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It could be because I was a Boy Scout and our motto, "Be Prepared," had been repeatedly hammered into my subconscious. It could be that I'm always in a state of operational preparedness because of the countless 3:00 a.m. wake-ups to spontaneously march through the dirt roads of Singapore's desolate Tekong Island,roger dubuis replica watches during basic military training. Let's be clear: I am not bragging about my military prowess. I was a terrible soldier.

It is to show that beneath the Negroni-induced nonchalant equanimity, there is a constant current of anxiety and existential apprehension, which can only be fully understood by pessimist philosophy Arthur Schopenhauer and myself. We know that the truth is unabated and irrefutable. It's not a question of IF something will happen. It's WHEN. If you want to survive the above-mentioned sh*t you must A: Always be, B: Be prepared, and R: Ready. Zombie apocalypse? You'd better have a stash of brain-stripping tools within easy reach. Wear your Danner combat boot while sleeping and work on your cardiovascular fitness. Ain't nobody going to be able to run faster than the ravenous hordes.

It was funny that I had to answer the same question at two panel discussions last December: one for The Rake, my magazine's collaboration with Phillips for their New York auction and the other for Hodinkee 10th Anniversary Weekend. Let's not forget that I'd be morally obliged to save my sausage constellation replica If I could only save one watch before my house went up in smoke like a Viking funeral with napalm, then it would be the zenith replica.

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