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Sandrine adds, "Quartz is fine but it's important to have a collection." Women today are choosing between mechanical watches with complications or quartz movements. Most of these women buy their own watches. Women are buying complications themselves, not because men buy them for them. "They are successful,u-boat replica and they don't require a man to purchase for them."

Thierry says that despite the growing demand for women's complications, u-boat replica doesn't follow a marketing brief. Instead, he prefers to rely on his 20 years of expertise, listening, interpreting, and adapting the collections. He says, "There's no secret." "If you're passionate, it works. It is felt by everyone. If I were only looking to make money, I wouldn't do this. I would instead make two women's complications and market them until they are dead. I would then sell 50,000 pieces. We would certainly be successful but that's not what u-boat replica stands for. "Where would the pleasure be?"

Thierry is always looking for ways to surprise people. This was evident in 2009 when the Ladies First Chronograph with the new CH 29-535 movements, was launched in Paris. Thierry explains his bold decision by saying that he felt the market was asking for women's complications. We know that chronographs are always popular, although we do not know why. Since we rarely use them in practice, the movements themselves are beautiful.Replcia Rolex Day-Date Watches The CH 29-535 was expected to be launched in a men's watch, and I dislike it when people second guess me. You think I'll go left but I'll go right, because that is how I am. "I like to be surprised."

Do you think he felt he was taking on a risk that might alienate Patek's clients? "I wasn't afraid. I knew that men might be jealous of the movement and refuse to purchase it. We provided enough information to make people understand the neutrality of the movement, and this is what happened. It was a success and a lot of fun, because nobody expected it. "It was revenge for all women."

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