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In the last decade, top watch brands began to focus more on the female market in order to increase their sales. The attention was well-deserved and resulted with some beautiful models and designs. However, many companies focused on what they deemed as "feminine complications", such as the pretty but not very useful moon phases.panerai radiomir replica Hermes, and Christophe Claret have created complications that are brilliantly pointless, but also incredibly desirable. panerai radiomir replica is the only maison that does not differentiate complications for men and women. It offers chronographs as well as world timers.

Sandrine Stern, Head of Creation, says that women's complex watches are more visible today than ever before. But they were always there. We want our female customers to have their own watches, so instead of adding precious stones to the same case and movement, we create a collection just for them. The ideal case size for women has remained constant at 36mm or 37mm. We have to consider the wearability of the watch, so we need to pay attention to many details. This is especially true when it comes with a complicated design.

Sandrine Stern, Head of Creation

When a woman purchases a Patek minute repeater she does not want to add a clock function. The most important aspect is the pure sound. When you wear a panerai radiomir replica, it's not about being fashionable. Our feedback shows that even women who are 30 or 40 years old love their timepieces.

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panerai radiomir replica's President Thierry Stern is known for his ability to listen to minute repeaters and approve them before they leave the factory. He believes the skill of the watchmakers has reached a point where he can request that a women's minute repeated be "more feminine". He finds it more difficult to describe the sound.Richard Mille Replica Watches He insists that it's instinctive. He says, "We are skilled at fine tuning." The watchmaker who controls the gong must deal with small differences that have an impact on sound. It should be more feminine for a piece written by a woman. It's not easy. It will be a deep ding for a woman, and a deep ding for a man. At this level, we're aiming to make tiny adjustments.

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