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You can have 10 watches made from the same material, but they will all have different sounds. It is my job to make sure that the watches are within our parameters. We will speak to the watchmaker if they do not meet the criteria.roger dubuis replica He will then have to come up with a solution. You are talking over 150 hours to regulate the noise, so I can't just tell a watchmaker, "No, that's not good." He'd be completely lost. I must understand and explain."

Thierry and Sandrine both believe that innovation in movement design is the key to success for Patek's women's market. Sandrine explains that it's not just a matter of design. "Thierry insists that ladies watches do not use the calibres of men's timepieces. That is why our collection is so spectacular."

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"I travel all the time, and I receive a lot feedback. This is how I adapt to our clients' needs - both male and female," Thierry continued. "Sandrine is not the reason why our ladies' line is good. She is a woman and therefore more focused on details. This can be helpful in both men's and ladies' watches. I did not appoint Sandrine because I believed she understood women's watch. Sandrine's role as the head of Creation does not mean she is creative. She has great ideas but isn't a true creative. She has a difficult job in managing a team of 30 creatives. She is responsible for the women's line, because she has knowledge of Patek and knows how to use it.roger dubuis replica Is being a female an advantage? "Maybe a little. But look at the fashion world - many of the top designers in this field are men."

Thierry, who grew up in the industry and learned the business before forming his own visions, believes that it all starts with a watch movement. He says that if you have a large, chunky calibre you cannot expect to make a feminine watch. It doesn't work. If you want to lead the way in women's watchmaking, you need to be able make a thin, small-diameter movement with complications. The movement is the first thing to be designed. "We have beautiful cases because of our beautiful calibres."

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