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Thierry says that the female clientele of Patek wants to be surprised. They also want to be surprised. "The chronograph remains one of the most sought-after complications. The demand for annual calendars and world timers is also increasing for practical reasons.

Sandrine says, "Our complications will always be intuitive and easy to use." This is important because it is most important to wear the watch without being afraid of it. Many people are afraid to set up perpetual calendars, thinking they will break them. You should not fear, but there are some simple rules you can follow.replica wathces The fact that it is a concern to break such a mechanism shows great respect." Thierry continued: "That is why we have success at auction. The customers know that we will restore their watches to perfection. "I think it's more important for women to know this than men."

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While some may see the interest of women in mechanical watches is a fad or a passing trend, the Sterns are convinced that it is a growing trend that tudor replica will continue to lead.audemars piguet replica watches Sandrine says that while we design watches for men and women in the same manner, she believes it's more difficult to create watches for women because they tend to pay more attention to the details. "Our criteria are high and apply to all watches, so we have no choice but to be creative. After all, that is what our job is."

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